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What a better time to write my second blog ever than the day
before the official re-launch of the Empower Network.  A few facts about the Empower Network since
its initial launch in October 2011 they have had some server issues and
merchant account issues but they have also paid out over $3.5 million to their
affiliates.  The re-launch will make the
numbers from the initial launch pale by comparison.  So what all is involved with the re-launch:

The blogging platform of the Empower Network will be updated
and improved…

Marketing will become easier with capture pages and tools…

The Empower Network will be releasing new training products
to sell and learn from…

Plus a payment processing system that is Empower Network’s E-Wallet…


In addition to these the re-launch will have a competition where
you can win $10,000 cash, get a free trip to Costa Rica and LOT more.  The details of the competition will be ‘pre-released’
today (Sunday) at  5 pm EST.  Click on the link below to watch the live


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P.S. Feel free to leave comments or ask me any questions


Let me start by saying this is my first blog that I have ever written.  Writing a blog is the next step in a plan towards my financial security for retirement.  This has been one of the most dreaded steps for me as writing is not my forte; at times it even feels labored.  Why blog?

At the end of each year, I look back and evaluate what I have done correctly or incorrectly in all areas of my life.  When it came to preparedness for retirement according to financial planners I am lagging behind.  At first I thought who isn’t, and then I sucked it up and made a plan to catch up. I knew I was going to have to do something that was beyond the 9 to 5 and provided a residual income.

Part of my plan includes online businesses.  What do online businesses need:  easy site to find, provide value for customer, demonstrate expertise, more than just one way to acquire leads,
share stories, and draw people back to the site regularly.  Blogging is an integral component in accomplishing these objectives, directly or indirectly.

Once I accepted the decision that I had to blog, I started researching how to make a site and looking at existing platforms.  After much deliberation and admittedly procrastination I decided to use the Empower Network.  I chose the Empower Network because it helps
accomplish a few goals (blog, online business, financial security) and the ability to do it with ease.  There is no need for technical know-how to setup a site, just login and start typing.  I counted this as a major plus in my book.  In addition, the Alexa Traffic Rank for the site is fairly high which helps out with one of my goals again.  One of the best positives is the fact that you can earn 100% commissions on products you own.  As you have probably guessed this helps with the

Empower Network has given me the confidence that I will be financially secure for retirement.  What is financially secure you ask?  There is no simple answer but a general formula you can use for money saved is yearly retirement income times the number of
years of retirement, i.e. $50,000 x 25 = $1,250,000.  I knew I did not have that much money put away nor would the 9 to 5 provide it, hence the plan.  If you are in the same boat or looking for another income stream I invite you to look at the videos posted on the site
then try not to stay up all night, like I did.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog and stay tuned for more and ever improving writings.



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